Children, beautiful, innocent,
a soul that believes and dreams.
Innocence stolen, raped and abused,
a world now entered of sin and evil.
Innocence lost forever,
Souls wounded deep.
Beliefs fade and turn into disbelief, distrust,
of everything and everyone!
Dreams remain dreams… Dreams remain dreams…

Sexual abuse, NOT just a physical act.
Sexual abuse, NOT just forgotten about.
Sexual abuse, sick, evil, perverse.
Satanic, pain, hurt, distrust, wounded soul, secrets kept.
Things now hidden… Things now hidden…

A life lived far from God.
Things in life never make sense!
I’m always second best.
Leave me alone.
I’m the king of my world.
I don’t need you or anyone.
I have everything I need right here,
When’s the next drugs, alcohol.
Addiction please…Addiction please…

(Repeat Chorus)

God is guiding your life.
It may not seem like it, it may not feel like it.
One day His glory will be shown.
In your life, in your pain.
I pray for this, arrest her heart Lord,
Change her Jesus

The day has come,
I can’t wait any longer to hold my child.
I’m sorry my child,
It was wrong; you’re the innocent one.
I wept over you.
I love you, I watched over you.
Come close, let me embrace you, heal you.
Come talk to me, we have your whole past to catch up,
and a future still to live…


from All Things Christian Extreme Metal volume 1, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


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